exibition of locals artsts

Painting and drawing from June 2sd to June 10th  2012
5 bis Pontoise street

Hubert Reeves

I don’t like musicians who are talking about their art , I wish to tell them : «  please play ! »

quoting from Jean Clair

"Art critics : we have to put words over things affected by silence "

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Though , since her childhood , she was very sensitive to Van Gogh ‘s work , in her own pictural work there is no « archetype » , but  a various materialisation of the renewed inspiration as experimentation and elaboration of differents picturals technics occurs , and that both in figurative and abstract painting .
Nevertheless , she gives her preference to oil painting technics as paint-knife , paint-brush , shaper and stamp .
So ,  through those differents tecnicals process and creative simplicity , alway far from bombastic cogitations upon art ,appears the emotional translation of the moment on the canvas .